Sweet Poison

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Who doesn’t love a sweet treat?  Up until I got sick, chocolate-as-a-meal-replacement was my middle name.  Given a choice, I would always choose something sweet over ‘real food’.  This could actually shed some light on why I got sick in the first place…

To understand this, let’s take a look at what sugar really is, and why it is making us sick.

Sugar is the single most dangerous substance that is called ‘food’.

Refined sugar is completely depleted of its nutrients.  The body cannot utilize refined sugar unless the missing proteins, vitamins and minerals are present.   

Therefore, eating sugar is actually worse than eating nothing at all, because it drains and leaches the body of those vitamins and minerals that it lacks, in order for it to be digested and pass through our bodies.

Our bodies are designed for balance.  So, when something comes along and causes an imbalance, the body will attempt to adjust itself, causing strain on the body.

In order to protect the blood, so much calcium is taken from the bones and teeth that decay and general weakening of the body begin.  Excess sugar eventually affects every organ in the body.

Refined sugar is lethal when ingested by humans because it only provides “empty” calories.  It lacks the natural minerals which are present in the sugar beet or cane.

Hang on, this just gets worse.  Refined sugar is an acid and it alters our pH levels producing a more acidic body.

Sugar eaten every day produces a continuously overacid condition, and more and more minerals are required from deep in the body in the attempt to rectify the imbalance.

An acidic body has been linked to cancer.

Folks, sugar is in EVERYTHING!  Have you read any ingredient labels recently?

The book ‘Sugar Blues’, by William Duffy, tells a story of a ship carrying a cargo of sugar and rum that was shipwrecked in 1793.  Five surviving sailors were rescued after being marooned for nine days. They were in a wasted condition due to starvation, having consumed nothing but sugar and rum.

Duffy tells another story of a young girl who is the sole survivor of a plane crash and survives for 30 days eating only snow.

As a steady diet, eating sugar is worse than eating nothing.  Plain water can keep you alive for quite some time.  Sugar and water can kill you.

As a steady diet, eating sugar is worse than eating nothing. Plain water can keep you alive for quite some time. Sugar and water can kill you. Click To Tweet

If that wasn’t enough, it has been confirmed that mental illness and emotional disturbance are also symptoms of the inability of the human body to handle the stress of sugar consumption!

We know that too much sugar is bad for our general health, but now there is evidence that high levels of sugar consumption can also have a negative effect on mental health — from cognitive function to psychological wellbeing.

There is a well known study showing that sugar is more addictive than cocaine.  The study first introduces cocaine to the rats.  Once they are hooked on the drug, sugar is introduced to the rats.  Almost all of the rats switched to sugar.

Friends, I don’t know about you, but I am ready to ditch the sugar once and for all!  Who is with me?  Let’s do this together!




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