Exercise! How Much? How Often?

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I have always been the quintessential couch potato.  And it showed. As some of you may know, I got very sick after the sudden passing of my mother in 2009.  The past seven years have been an enlightening discovery of health and nutrition. I never quite got to the fitness part though. I never found the time. Ok, I never … Read More

Struggling with Healthy Food Choices?

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Did you ever just feel so busy that you don’t eat or sleep enough? You don’t function well. You don’t feel well. And your food choices are definitely sub-par. Well, I’ve been feeling this way lately.  There’s a whole lot going on in my life.  No complaints.  Thank G-d, only good things.  But, busy nonetheless. I have found that having … Read More

Comfort Food

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I am the original junk food junkie. The Chocolate-as-a-Meal-Replacement girl. Ice cream would always do nicely as a meal replacement, too, come to think of it. So, I know you are asking yourself, ‘How did this woman become a Health Coach?!?!?’  ‘How did she ever become healthy in the first place?!?!?’ Well, it wasn’t easy.  In the beginning, it was … Read More

Why Food is more important than Exercise!

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You can’t out exercise a bad diet. Now, don’t get me wrong! There is a very important place for exercise in your life. Even a small amount of exercise has tremendous health benefits. The thing is, for all the benefits that exercise brings to the table, it cannot undo the damage that chemicals and processed food cause in our body. … Read More

The Truth About Sweeteners

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There’s a whole lot of hype surrounding sweeteners.  Which sweeteners are the safest to use?  Which ones are the healthiest?   It can be really confusing. Below is a list of healthy sweeteners. The list begins with Raw Honey, which is the least processed and has the most health benefits.   RAW HONEY Unprocessed, unheated, unfiltered honey direct from the comb. … Read More

Sweet Poison

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Who doesn’t love a sweet treat?  Up until I got sick, chocolate-as-a-meal-replacement was my middle name.  Given a choice, I would always choose something sweet over ‘real food’.  This could actually shed some light on why I got sick in the first place… To understand this, let’s take a look at what sugar really is, and why it is making … Read More

Easy Snacks on the Go

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You’re running out the door to work. The kids are leaving for school. Your spouse is off to the gym and then run errands. There’s no time to sit down and prepare a nourishing snack to carry you until the next meal. And you REALLY don’t want to hit the snack machines because that always leaves you feeling sluggish and … Read More

Why You Should Join Our Water Challenge

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Coffee and iced tea.  That’s all I ever drank.  Until I got sick, that is. It took about a year to figure out what was making me sick.  But, once I knew, I got a real education.  Fast.  That’s when I learned about water.  I also learned that I was in a constant state of dehydration, which was slowly destroying … Read More

What Happened to Wheat

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What happened to Wheat?  I mean, it’s the staff of life, right?   A basic food staple throughout the ages. So, why are people avoiding grains?  What changed?  Why is wheat  causing serious metabolic, digestive and inflammatory conditions and diseases?  There are two very important reasons. Technology & Science Technology For thousands of years, until the mid-1800‘s, when wheat was harvested, it lay … Read More