Exercise! How Much? How Often?

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I have always been the quintessential couch potato.  And it showed.

As some of you may know, I got very sick after the sudden passing of my mother in 2009.  The past seven years have been an enlightening discovery of health and nutrition.

I never quite got to the fitness part though.

I never found the time.

Ok, I never made the time.

It wasn’t the exercise itself as much as having to carve an hour out of my day, change clothes, get sweaty, take a shower and get dressed again.  This made exercising a project.  It was always just too much to do.

Recently, I have come across HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or Tabata workouts.

The basic idea is that you do a difficult exercise for 30-40 seconds, then rest and repeat.

The workouts incorporate cardio and strength, as well as more than one target group of muscles with each exercise.

The entire workout is 8-10 minutes, but your body will continue to burn fat for 12-36 hours after a workout.  Compare that to 2-4 hours of continued fat burning after a 45 minute stint on the treadmill.

At 3 times a week (non-consecutive days), this workout was made for me!

I just started, so I’ll keep you posted.

So, the answer to the questions ‘How Much? How Often?’ will largely depend on the person asking.

Meaning, that a couch potato like myself will need less exercise, less often, to see a change than an endurance athlete will.

As a person progresses and gains strength, they will need to increase the intensity, not the time they exercise.

There are guidelines put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Yet, its important to listen to your body and be realistic about what you can accomplish.

How often do you exercise?

What types of exercise are you doing?

Let me know in the comments!

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